Ensure compliance while providing a digitally accessible website

Compliance is still essential

Credit unions remain at a great risk of lawsuit by not following the guidelines of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

On June 19, 2020, a California state appeals court upheld a visually impaired man’s disability discrimination case against a southern California credit union over its website accessibility.

This is proof that a credit union is at risk for potential liability if its website does not have an accessibility solution in place.

CUSG, with its exclusive partner AudioEye, offers credit unions a fully managed, affordable, and "always-on" accessibility solution. AudioEye's solution employs subject matter experts who provide manual and automated digital accessibility testing and remediation, as well as ongoing monitoring, and certification that is backed by legal support.

Beyond compliance

At CUSG, we believe the benefits of an accessible website go far beyond reduced legal risk.

Credit unions with accessible websites can also expect to experience:

Help is always available

If you're seeking more information to offer digital accessibility to your members in the new remote service landscape, please contact us at info@cusg.com.