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Everybody wins.

It's a fun, easy and risk-free way to motivate your members to save and help deepen your member relationships at your credit union. Best of all, the program is simple to market and maintain, with more than 100 credit unions nationwide participating in Save to Win. For every $25 a member saves into their Save to Win account, they're entered into monthly, quarterly and/or annual (where applicable) cash prize drawings.

Save to Win logo There is a genuine desire and consensus in the credit union industry to help everyday people be financially empowered and live better lives — it's what makes credit unions unique in the financial services industry. With Save to Win, members find satisfaction and enjoyment in saving. They get to build their savings, watch it grow with interest/dividends, and earn chances to win big cash prizes! It's truly a Win-Win-Win opportunity!

Plus, millennials love it.

More than 30 percent of Save to Win accounts are held by millennials, and nearly 12 percent of Save to Win accountholders report joining their credit union specifically to access their new Save to Win account!

What's so special?

Members have nothing to lose and everything to win! It’s truly an account that rewards your members for being responsible. To date, Save to Win has awarded more than $4.6 million in prizes to credit union members while encouraging them to save over $130 million.

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"Save to Win fits in perfectly with our financial advocacy mission and supports our efforts of encouraging our members to save and promoting thrift, which is the principle on which credit unions were founded."

Carl J. Casper
VP of Customer Advocacy
Connex Credit Union, Connecticut

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