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Create a culture of member centricity.

Employees and members drive experience transformation. In order to make changes that matter, credit unions must understand every journey the member has, as well as how employees and technology interact along the way. MemberXP captures and analyzes signals across millions of moments, along every member and employee journey, regardless of credit union size. The system assists employees in detecting patterns, identifying risks and acting on opportunities. The end result of identifying, reacting to and improving on feedback is increase member loyalty and lifetime value. MemberXP logo

Measure what matters.

MemberXP measures the touchpoints of every experience, as it occurs. From joining the credit union, to getting a loan to using your mobile app, and everywhere in between. We'll ask the right questions at the right time across all of your unique member journeys.

Boost member happiness by listening and taking action

What sets MemberXP apart?

  1. Ultra easy-to-access and use reports in a secure, reliable platform. Credit unions run real-time reports that are actionable and tell a story – not just numbers, providing context for critical marketing and product development decisions.
  2. Dedicated Client Success team. Credit unions receive streamlined insights from a dedicated Success Manager, as complete member experience are tracked and monitored from behind-the-scenes.
  3. Built-in coaching tools. Create a member-centric staff as this coach-friendly tool, powered by a combination of qualitative and quantitative feedback, is delivered in real time for effective managing sessions.
  4. Easy Segmentation ability. At a glance learn which demographic segments are most engaged, most profitable or have been with you the longest. Use this information to identify marketing opportunities to:
    1. Attain more members, growing the credit union's footprint in the marketplace
    2. Create informational campaigns to educate members of key features and valuable services
    3. Cross-sell for added product penetration
  5. Mystery shopping. Take a deeper dive with MemberXP's exclusive MemberShopper program which utilizes a credit union’s very own members for assessment of service quality.

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"Hughes Federal Credit Union has been with MemberXP since 2009, and we believe they have been instrumental in helping us create and maintain consistent, exceptional service thoughout the organization"

Hughes Federal Credit Union

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