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Collect Data from Multiple Sources.

If your data is spread across multiple systems, it can be a challenge to collect and analyze it. That makes it difficult to create customer profiles on individual and household levels. It's that kind of data-driven, personalized experience that helps deepen relationships and increase ROI.

Know Customers on a Deeper Level.

A Marketing Data Platform (MDP) assembles information from many data sources into one database. Once it is assembled, you'll be able to drive ROI by identifying trends and creating meaningful, personalized customer journeys.

Marquis has the Solution.

Marquis MDP (previously known as ExecuTrax) has been helping credit unions of all sizes make full use of their data since 1983. Built specifically for financial institutions, Marquis MDP combines data from any source, cleans it to the highest compliance-grade standards, provides daily updates, and monitors transactions, events, and behaviors for relevant and timely communications. Marquis logo

Take Action and Produce Results.

Deepen Your Relationships and Drive ROI.

Marquis is dedicated to helping their clients realize their potential and maximize the value of their relationships. Take your customers on the personalized journey they expect with Marquis MDP. Schedule your demo today.

Key Features:

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