Certified Digital Accessibility

Are you confident that your website is performing at its peak performance for your members? CUSG, with its exclusive partner AudioEye, offers a fully managed and comprehensive digital accessibility solution that combines powerful automation technology with the know-how of certified digital accessibility experts. The result? Always-on website accessibility and a user-friendly online experience that your members can rely upon. Take advantage of these enhanced solutions at a new, reduced price. digital accessibility logo

How It Works.

Businesses are responsible for ensuring their websites are accessible to people with disabilities.  Unless your website is designed and/or coded with digital accessibility in mind, the more than 20 percent of the population who have disabilities won’t be able to interact with your site or use your online services . This population includes people who rely on assistive technologies such as screen readers, as well as aging populations, and those with varying levels of vision, mobility, and/ or cognitive disabilities. AudioEye unites industry-leading technology with a hands-on approach.  Why? The reality is that automation alone isn’t enough.
AudioEye resolves billions of digital accessibility errors each day. The AudioEye scanner screens against more WCAG standards than the closest competitors. Leaving no stone unturned, they manually test their work with assistive technology by people who rely on assistive technology. AudioEye Toolbar

Key Features

The Importance of SEO: We’ve bundled our automated SEO/Web audit and monitoring services at no additional cost.  Monthly reports include:

SEO AuditsWeb Audit Services and Reporting

A monthly SEO audit report, which includes details and information on how to fix SEO issues, including page errors, duplicate and missing content and meta data, broken links and broken images and page speed. Fixing these issues can help improve the overall SEO health of the website and improve the website’s presence in search engine results pages.

Google/Bing Analytics Integration and Reporting

A valuable report updated monthly and provides a list of website backlinks, search queries, visits to the site based on device type, site engagement from organic traffic and the search engines that are sending traffic to the site. This information can be used to help develop content marketing and link building strategies to improve the website’s presence in search engine results pages.

Real-time website monitoring notifications, as well as daily and monthly uptime summary reports sent via email.

CUSG has been the trusted leader in digital, remote, and website solutions for credit unions for more than 20 years. Our team has focused exclusively on the credit union industry and has specialized in digital services and  remote delivery solutions for hundreds of credit unions.

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