Don't Let Spreadsheets Limit Your Ability to Grow

Performance Solutions

Compass Saves Time and Provides Superior Analysis for Enhanced Decision Making

Eliminate the manual data entry of spreadsheet-based budgets and streamline the monthly board and ALCO reporting process with Compass. This powerful software enables you to quickly import core system data and enhance budget accuracy with integrated forecasting. Compass includes comprehensive ALM with IRR, liquidity and stress testing with customizable board reporting and cloud-based dashboards. Performance Pro logo

Cloud-Based Reporting

Customizable executive dashboards tell your story with easy-to-understand graphics and traffic lighting. Access your numbers and reports from any phone, tablet, or computer.

Liquidity and Cash Flow Modeling

Built-in cash flow modeling automates sources and uses schedules and reports your future liquidity positions. Easily create stress scenarios for secondary funding and contingency funding plans.

Prepayment Tracking and Modeling

Compass automatically calculates prepayment speeds for you. By analyzing loan by loan payment data, Compass tracks both historical and current prepayment activity within your individual loan categories and types.

Easy-to-Customize Board and ALCO Reports

Quickly generate budget, forecast and Board reports on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis. Customize the level of detail and time horizons to fit any audience - management, board, or examiners.

Key Features:

Compass Software improves budgeting, quickly generates reports, and automates data entry.
  • Cloud-Based Reporting
  • Prepayment Tracking and Modeling
  • Easy-to-Customize Board and ALCO Reports
  • Liquidity and Cash Flow Modeling