What's Hot in Performance Management Technology


What's Hot in Performance Management Technology

Change in business is inevitable. Shifts in culture, the transition of the manager's role away from being a manager to coach, as well as the demand for greater autonomy all lead to a change in company culture and organizational processes. Perhaps the biggest factor promoting change, however, is technology. Just as HR tools have gone mobile in the last few years, so too will performance management.

In the move to embrace these changes and upgrade their performance management technology, organizations are running into one common obstacle: how to make it useful and convenient to use. Building or purchasing software to improve work performance is straightforward, but making it so that employees want to use it can be difficult. Tools must be customizable, comprehensive, automated and easy to use to encourage employee utilization.

Here’s what to look for in the latest in performance management software.

What’s hot in technology

Technology allows organizations the ability to keep their employees informed, whether it’s HR self-service or performance. An informed employee is an engaged employee, and the ability to manage these processes on mobile or at home on desktop is fast becoming the industry norm. How does your organization compare with these trends? Are you keeping up or lagging behind? Now is the time to take stock and see how to take advantage of these technology and process developments.

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