Keeping Up with Digital Lending Convenience


Keeping Up with Digital Lending Convenience

Convenience continually ranks as one of the leading factors for why customers choose a service, store or website. No business succeeds by making things inconvenient for their customers. Having everything in one place is what people have come to expect.

Convenience matters

The number one reason millennials prefer mobile apps and online banking to traditional financial services is convenience. Security, value and customization are all reasons why millennials choose non-traditional financial service providers, but at the end of it all, convenience is the greatest differentiator. The ability to access your accounts quickly and easily, anywhere and at any time, on your mobile device is very important for millennials.

Overwhelmingly, millennials want their financial institutions to be mobile friendly. In a survey of which industries millennials want optimized for a mobile experience, banking came in third, just behind movie theaters and restaurants.

What is inconvenient?

What is convenient?

It’s not about just having an app available for download, it’s also about making it relevant, reliable and useful. It can pay dividends for smaller credit unions to make the additional investment and upgrade their existing mobile app.

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