A Simple Way to Unify Your Marketing Efforts


A Simple Way to Unify Your Marketing Efforts

The trend toward omnichannel service often means marketing teams are collecting more tools than they can organize effectively. A marketing team could find itself using a multitude of software to manage anything from data to social platforms and websites, content creation and more. More marketing channels mean more interactions across multiple platforms to keep track of. More tools and software mean more time to train staff or more money spent to hire specialists who know how to use them.

In order to be successful in the age of omnichannel marketing and service, marketers need to unify all these tools into a digital marketing hub and to plan for redundancy.

Use a digital marketing hub

Marketing team statisticsA digital marketing hub is an all-in-one repository for multichannel data, insights, strategies and tools. The goal of a digital marketing hub is to combine data and action into one easily accessible environment for marketers. A credit union can send out SMS notifications or emails to its members with the resulting data filtered back in, analyzed and converted into insights, which then fuel the next round of notifications or emails. This cyclical process allows for greater flexibility and insight into member needs and behaviors.

Keeping all this information in one place also helps marketing teams cover different skill gaps.The industry is moving away from generalists toward specialists who are skilled enough to fill in other roles. Credit union marketers should consider documentation that allows each staff member to quickly learn and utilize a specific process or piece of software. This way, the occasional sick day or contingency does not bring the entire system to a grinding halt.

A hub of this design can also help organize information gathered by the marketing department for use by other departments — like customer service — especially when, more and more, teams like marketing and customer support need to work together to successfully implement an omnichannel approach to member interactions and experiences.


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