Your Social Media Accounts Deserve Quality Content


Your Social Media Accounts Deserve Quality Content

Content personalization drives engagement

The increased availability of big data in marketing means marketers now have access to unparalleled insights into their audience. Marketers should use these insights not only to better reach their audience, but also to create more effective content. However, that effectiveness is mitigated by some common pitfalls. Even the best content can be hampered by a lack of knowledge of how each social media platform works.

One challenge of operating across several different social platforms is that they are all different. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. all have their own unique quirks and processes. Credit union marketers need to thoroughly understand how these platforms accept new content, whether it be text, images or video. With images alone, marketers must know the proper image sizes for a cover, profile or shared image; how much text is too much text on an image; how an image looks on mobile and what file types are best.


Marketing teams should also keep an eye on video content. The importance of video will continue to grow, especially on social media. According to the American Marketing Association, by 2019, video content will be the driving factor behind 85 percent of search traffic in the US. Whether it’s Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram or Facebook, video content on social media is what marketers need to focus on in 2019 and beyond. There is a growing trend of TV-style programming for social platforms, as evidenced by Facebook investing nearly $1 billion in video programming for their planned Watch tab. That is not a typo, Facebook is spending nearly $1 billion in original, television-style video content in 2018.


Marketers may not have the resources to compete with dedicated video content creators, but they should be aware of what works and currently, video is highly successful on social media. According to GlobalWebIndex 2017, 56 percent of internet users watched a video on Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram or Facebook on a monthly basis last year. In 2015, only 38 percent did the same. Companies have found great success in creating engaging videos that run for only a minute or two. Unlike long-form video content designed to be viewed from a television or computer screen, these short, “bite-sized” videos do not allow enough time for the viewer to begin multitasking — thus capturing their complete attention.


Credit unions do not have to take on the burden of creating all this content themselves. Outside of working with agencies that specialize in content creation, there is also plenty of collaboration happening within the industry itself. By pooling resources with other credit unions, service organizations or vendors, credit unions can get more bang for their buck.

The Love My Credit Union Rewards (LMCUR) program is seeing a lot of success from the content repository in the Partner Center. Within is a trove of specially created social media assets, imagery and video that credit unions can use to promote the program to their members.

Instead of having to generate their own content for these membership enhancement programs, credit unions can use high quality content created by CU Solutions Group, FocusIQ and our partners. Materials are constantly updated so the content in the marketplace remains fresh, seasonally relevant and engaging. More than 200 credit unions leveraged LMCUR’s holiday and social media assets in November and December 2017 alone.

Collaborative efforts such as this lower the investment needed by each individual credit union to create their own content and promises the content is created by professionals who understand credit unions and their members.

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