What the C-Suite Wants out of Social Media


What the C-Suite Wants out of Social Media

Social media comes with a lot of benefits for credit unions that invest in it, as it not only provides a platform for an organization’s content and marketing, but also a platform for organically and personally engaging with its customers, receiving feedback and learning more about the people it serves. Credit union leaders are eager to tap into this wealth of possibilities. Specifically, they’re asking their marketing and customer service teams to use social media for:

Customer service

As technology like chatbots becomes more prevalent, social media is becoming a major customer service hub. For general questions and concerns, consumers are more likely to ask an organization’s social media pages than call or email other, more traditional channels — and they expect a lightning fast response. If customer service interactions go well on a credit union’s social media pages, members can then leave favorable reviews on those same pages.

Brand building

Most importantly, social media is an effective tool for brand building and increasing brand awareness. It’s important to create compelling, relevant content for your audience and not simply sharing links from others. Hosting contests on social media is one way to keep your social audience engaged.

Leadership priorities for social media graph


Marketing professionals say the most important objectives of social media marketing are increasing member engagement, brand awareness and lead generation. Social media is one of the easiest ways for an organization to interact and engage with their customers directly, but it is also one of the hardest to measure ROI and requires a lot of resources when it comes to creating consistent content. This shouldn’t scare small marketing teams away from utilizing social media; however, it does mean setting realistic social media–specific ROI goals and being consistent with all engagement and content marketing efforts, no matter how small.   


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