How to Generate Content with Fewer Resources


How to Generate Content with Fewer Resources

Content will always be restricted by two things: the talent and the resources available to a marketing team. It’s understandable to expect great results from content marketing. After all, marketers have been saying for years that content is king. Nonetheless, expecting the world from of a non-existing content team is not entirely realistic. Especially when the job of producing quality content is relegated to employees who have little to no experience in content, to borrowing time from people in other departments, or to simply heaping it on the shoulders of an already overburdened intern.   

If we are to recognize the importance of content marketing, then we must also recognize the people who produce it. Hiring talented writers, video producers and graphic artists is a growing priority for marketing teams and so should giving them the resources they need to fuel effective content generation. Unfortunately, this can be a tough sell for credit unions, as their content needs may not require a large in-house presence.

How do you decide your content focus?

If that’s the case for your credit union, don’t be afraid to outsource. After all, nearly 50 percent of marketing teams outsource content generation. Finding trusted vendors who can produce quality content can save you time, money and effort — not to mention lessening the ever-increasing burdens on a modern marketing team.

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