Help your credit union's website be compliant to all the relevant rules and regulations

Technology Solutions

Our web compliance review takes a preventative approach to mitigating your risk and liability

Compliance laws can be complicated to follow. You must pay attention to every detail during the review in case you inadvertently miss key information or commit a grievous error, otherwise you may be facing a lawsuit or incurring hefty fines. That's why many credit unions leave their compliance reviews to us.

We take a rigorous approach to ensure your credit union is complying with the necessary NCUA and Federal Reserve Board rules and regulations. Our compliance experts are trained to spot inconsistencies within websites and regulations. At the end of our review, you will receive a report of our findings that note what requirements you need to meet and what terms and disclosures to add.

Websites must adhere to regulations to ensure company actions are legitimate, accessible and compliant to best business practices. CUSG is proficient at web compliance review. We will step in to free up your time and eliminate any legal compliance concerns.