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Assessing website analytics to predict member behavior and increase engagements

More credit unions are gauging website traffic to gain insight into member behavior. Analytics paint a picture of what members want or don't want. By analyzing these metrics, opportunities arise for credit unions to determine in-demand products/services, improve interactions with members, increase engagements and essentially, build trust and loyalty.

CUSG goes above and beyond aggregating numbers. We implement a five-step process when we analyze your website—from assessing your goals to compiling data-driven insights of member behavior. Our thorough approach plays a large role in breaking down the data to use in marketing segmentation so you can more effectively target niche-specific demographics.

Measuring website analytics takes time, technical finesse and the person with the right skill set. Our consultants monitor your website's activity and issue reports and guidance on how to improve traffic flow, so you can leverage cross selling opportunities and spearhead dynamic marketing campaigns. We also audit the usability of your website to determine how we can make your site more convenient, navigable and intuitive for your members and site visitors.


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