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No member likes to play the waiting game — Create a better member experience with this on-demand and personal service solution.

With new technology constantly emerging, your members are accustomed to instant gratification. Whether they have a question or issue, they want instant, yet personable ways to get them resolved. Our Pure Chat Pro product offers fast and personalized member service through your website. With Pure Chat Pro, you provide one-on-one support that your members appreciate and deserve.

Cross-channels of effective communication increase member engagement and build loyalty.

Member care is imperative to maintaining a positive relationship, and in some cases, it can be the deciding factor for potential members to join your credit union. Pure Chat Pro is one more way to increase the level of service you provide—by reaching each member on their terms. Gone are the days of solely offering telephone or email contact. Today, credit unions support a mix of communication channels to stay competitive. Using Pure Chat Pro technology will help build trust and credibility as well as attract and retain members. people using computer

Why your members will love it.

Younger audiences are already using live chat on a regular basis. Having a chat solution available will help you tap into a growing market by providing one of their preferred communication channels.

Pure Chat Pro is designed for credit union members or potential members so they can discuss issues or concerns with a live person. Your credit union’s support is available 24 x 7 so members’ needs are met in a timely manner. Even after business hours, they can use Pure Chat Pro to send emails with their questions to MSRs who can respond the next day.

What's so special?

Pure Chat Pro has the capability to increase your credit union’s sales and loan volume. As members browse your products and services list on your website, they may have questions that need to be answered before they finalize their decision. With Pure Chat Pro, you can answer those questions—your members won’t even need to leave your site or pick up a phone.

Pure Chat Pro also has the potential to trim costs for some of your major expenditures, such as phone, fax and staff. With Pure Chat Pro, you can use these less, resulting in reduced operational costs.

No matter the size of your credit union, Pure Chat Pro will help you deliver exceptional service to your website visitors at any time. With Pure Chat Pro, you can be assured that the due diligence of adding another effective mode of communication will attract new members and strengthen current relationships.

Key Features:

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