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Love My Credit Union Rewards Mobile and Internet Services Program

Love My Credit Union Rewards is bringing even more value to our participating credit unions with Spectrum, who has joined the Mobile and Internet Services program. We LOVE credit unions and their members, and we are constantly working to deepen the value of membership through tangible savings on products and services they use every day.

Members can save when they switch and get the best of both worlds with internet and mobile together. Plus, members get a cash reward for reach new mobile line activated with Spectrum.Spectrum Mobile logo  

Connect Members to What They Love

Spectrum brings access to nationwide 5G to your members so they can stream, surf, download and game without worrying about draining their data. When your members are on the go, they can stay connected anytime with nationwide WiFi at no extra cost.

The Love My Credit Union Rewards Difference

In the highly competitive world of financial services, it can be tough to stand out. It's not uncommon for financial institutions to offer incentives, perks or local discounts. But do you know what is uncommon? Just how much credit union members have saved through Love My Credit Union Rewards.

Since 2008, we've helped more than 8 million credit union members save nearly $2 billion in areas like automotive, wireless, tax preparation, home security, insurance, travel, shopping and many others.

Love My Credit Union Rewards helps you provide your members with an irresistible, loyalty-building value addition. Your credit union can help members save on a monthly expense most consider to be an essential service. Your credit union remains top of mind whenever a member enjoys savings in their day-to-day life.

Benefits for You and Your Members

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